My Inspiration

The Guernsey teahouse designed and built by Ian Rose

Ian designed and built this tea house to exceedingly high stands on a 'money no cost' bsis for an electronics millionaire who retired on the island of Guernsey. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2002 and the house in whose garden the tea house was built is now up for sale.

Of course, it does not replicate exactly the traditional tea house in that there is no crawl-in door and, according to Ian, "it is not asymmetric enough". However, designs have to be adapted for their intended use as I will do.

My tea house will of course not be on this scale, but I love the woodwork and I will build it out fully natural materials as it should be. I would like to thank Ian for sending many photos and other drawings that gave me many ideas.S

You can contact Ian through his web site:

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