Foundation stones

This is my first purchase four glacial boulders to act as the traditional foundation stones at the front of the tea house. These are imported from the Himalayas it seems...

I've been searching for these for a long time and eventually tracked some down at Pinks Hill of Guilford in the UK:

Pinks Hill
Off Broad Street
Wood Street Village
Guildford, Surrey, GU3 3BP
Tel: 01483 571620

The first job was to lay the four foundation stones along the front of the tea house. These were laid on a bed of sand.

Levelling the four glacial boulders

The four boulders precisely aligned - a total width of 3 metres

One of my early challenges is that I need to drill two of the stones with a 10mm - 50mm deep hole to locate steel pegs to ensure the oak uprights do not slip off the stones once mounted.

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