Teahouse roof assembly

June 1st 2003: I took a bit of time to rethink the roof by making a couple of temporary trusses and laying them out on the lawn. I decided my original plans would not be workable.

Test trusses assembled on the lawn.

June 6th 2003: Today's the day to start assembling the roof - fingers crossed that all goes well!

The first truss ready to lifted onto the roof

Up it goes!

Fitting the four corner trusses

All of the front and back trusses in place

Front view with the front and back trusses in place

Tomorrow I'll finish the side trusses and mount to internal bamboo roof liner.

June 6th 2003: Up on the ladder again!

The side roof trusses cut and mounted

and cut to the correct length...

The uncut roof trusses at the rear of the teahouse

All of the roof trusses now in place and cut to length

The inside of the roof is covered in split cane fencing. This will be covered in roofing chipboard on to which will be nailed the oak shakes. All of the joints of the bamboo are hidden behind the joists so that they cannot be seen.

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