Making the Shojis

July 20th 2003: I started to plane the oak that will be used to make the Shoji frames behind the glass. The frames themselves ( Kumiko) will be made from 8mm by 15mm oak with the stiles (outside uprights) and rails (outside horizontals) made from13mm by 15mm oak strips.

The thin pieces, Kumiko, to the left, the thicker stiles and rails  to the right.

The Kumiko taped together ready for the slots to be routed

 Close up of the 8mm by 15mm Kumiko

July 20th 2003: The stiles and rails measured and marked.

 The stiles and rails ready to be routed to take the Kumiko

The routed Kumiko

Assembled Kumiko for the side windows

Assembled Kumiko for the front windows

Some of the routed stiles and rails

Gluing the corners of the stiles and rails

A Kumiko to stile joint ready to be glued

The complete shoji ready to be glued

Just trying out the white pull-down blinds behind the shoji to see what it looks like!

July 26th 2003: I'll finish the shojis today I think.

The two side shohis went together as if they were a kit!

All four shojis done at last

All the shojis in place at last

After a white blind have been installed

The white blind from the inside

16th August 2003: Completed the fitting of the other internal blinds

Side blinds hung

Side blinds from the inside

 Door blinds finished...

Will have to start work on the roji garden soon!

 The teahouse at night showing the shojis at their best!

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